Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Yesterday, 2-27-17, I had an 11:30 appointment at the Gulf Coast Surgical Center to complete the Pre Admit procedures.  I signed a lot of forms, was weighed (174lbs), blood pressure taken (150/80), and an EKG.  The nurse went over all procedures to be done to me on March 6th.  She informed me that I will get a call on Friday to tell me what time to be at the clinic on Monday morning for tonsil surgery and biopsies.  If no call by 4:00pm I am to call them.

I confided in the nurse that I was still in a state of shock about all of this.  She told me that she too had a battle with cancer of the kidney and had it removed.  Her father also had kidney cancer and died from it.  When I was walking out to leave, the nurse reached out to me and hugged me.  I fought back tears and hugged her back.  I'm a pretty tough person and have been through tough times in my life but this battle is going to be the toughest.

Left the clinic and went to Walmart to buy some liquids and puddings to have something on hand for after the surgery.  I'll be going through this on my own with no family to stay with me or cook and prepare meals for me so I have to be ready.

Last night I read more testimonials online and today I watched some Youtube videos of actual radiation procedures.  I'm hoping that by seeing these procedures I won't be so scared and anxious when I have to have them.  That mask thing that must be worn during treatment is going to be a big problem for me.  Being strapped down with my face covered and rolled into a machine looks otherworldly.  I'll have to XANAX myself to the max in order to go through with it.

Tonight I'll research some more online and maybe look for some meditations that will help me with the anxiety.

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