Saturday, November 18, 2017


Opened a can of green beans and took a bite.  Was able to swallow the first bite but the second I had to spit it out and then gargle.  Tasted chemical.

Tried some chocolate ice cream and a taste of coke also.  Was able to ingest more of that than anything I have tried yet.  Still tasted chemical but not as bad.

Might try some soup later.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Yesterday I had another episode of Vertigo.  Couldn't walk a straight line, bumped into walls on the way to the bathroom during the night.  Lasted about 8 hours.

Tomorrow I go for my 3 month PET scan.  Pretty scared.  Know that if it is not clear I will need surgery.  Been reading about chemo being given after radiation so I will inquire about that.  

Ordered another case of Glucerna 1.5 from a seller on Amazon who sold me dented cans and reimbursed me for the damaged ones.  I just can't stand the bottles of Glucerna from the grocery stores and pharmacies here locally.

I tried eating again this week but spit out and gargled after.  Still have a terrible taste on my tongue at all times.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


My stoma is bleeding again.  It has bled only a couple of times in all the months I've had the PEG tube in my stomach.  I cleaned it up and added more antibiotic cream and gauze pads.  

This really worries me.  Not sure why it is bleeding.  When I changed the pad there was a lot of brown discharge around the hole in the gauze.  So it is leaking stomach contents.  When this type of thing happened before, the clinic said that was normal and not to worry about it.  I worry about infection.

I sure wish I could eat so I could get this tube out.  If I have to have surgery I will need this PEG tube so I guess I'll have it for awhile.

The cancer center called today and informed me of my PET scan schedule.  I will have to be at the hospital for 7:15am on November 17 and a followup with the Oncologist at 3:00pm on November 21st.   If the scan is not clear of cancer I will have to have surgery.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Informed my Oncologist that I was scoped yesterday and that the ENT doctor saw blood where the cancer was on the base of my tongue.  He said that the ENT did  not put that in his report to him.  This really upset me as I feel this is very important.  There is a lack of communication between these doctors - at my expense.

The Oncologist refused to discuss the issue because it was not in the report.  It was as if he was not trusting me to tell him the truth.  Tomorrow I will call the ENT and request that he inform the Oncologist of the blood issue.

I requested that the PET scan be scheduled for the 17th of this month.  That would make it exactly 3 months out of treatment.  He said he would try and get as close to that date as possible.

I got another script for Hydrocodone and left.

Monday, November 6, 2017


Had appointment with the ENT doctor who scoped me and saw an inflamed area that had a spot of blood on it.  This was the same area as the tumor.  He asked me if I had been spitting up blood and I said I had not seen any blood.  I asked if it was just a spot that had not healed yet and he said he did not know.  He said he would do a biopsy as his next move.  I feel that this is going to be a problem and may be more cancer.  If the biopsy shows that I need surgery he said I could have it done locally with Dr. Saal or at Ochsner in New Orleans.

I see the Oncologist tomorrow and we will discuss the date for the PET scan.  Hoping to have it done the week of the 20th of this month.

This is not what I thought I would hear.  My throat has improved a great deal in the last few weeks.  Why is there blood in my throat? 

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Last night about 2:00am I started having chills that were so severe I moaned out in pain.  I didn't take my temperature because I drank a little water and knew it would not be accurate.  My whole body hurt.  About an hour later I decided to take some Hydrocodone.  It did help some and I was able to sleep some more but kept waking myself up moaning in pain and trembling.

This morning I felt better.  No chills all day till about 4:00pm.  Felt very weak so took my temperature and it was 100.2.  Did a tube feeding, some Miralax, and took some more Hydrocodone.  Hadn't taken any since about 3:00am.  Called my Oncologist and spoke to his nurse who said to go to the emergency room.  I feel to weak to go to the ER.

The only pain I am having is in my stomach.  Lots of gas and bloating.  I feel that I may have ingested some bacteria from the damaged cans of Glucerna I used yesterday.  Nothing else hurts - not even my throat.  Several hours later I had a bowel movement that was not normal.  I felt relief afterwards.

I will wait and see if the fever goes down and then decide what to do.  This is a little scary.

I called my friend Pat to inform him that I would not be going to his house this weekend.  We will reschedule for another weekend.  I was so looking forward to going to the beach.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


I requested to be discharged from Speech Therapy today as I have gotten all I can get out of it.  I continue to do the exercises I was taught and appreciate the help from the department.  

I can not have any Physical Therapy for Lymphedema as there is a possibility I still have cancer and it is too dangerous to move lymph fluid around that might spread the cancer.  So no more Tuesday and Thursday afternoon appointments.  Now I can go back to napping.