Thursday, January 11, 2018


HURRAH!  My refrigerator doesn't stink anymore.  The stinky smell that has been plaguing me for so long has slowly gone away.  I sometimes can detect it just a little bit but mostly it is gone.

My taste buds are coming alive again.  So far, the one thing that tastes good is ice cream.  I have been eating different things this week and rice feels terrible on my tongue and in my mouth.  I made a beef stew with rice but could only eat the broth and carrots.

Also tried some mashed potatoes and gravy with meatloaf.  Had to spit the meat loaf out.  Was able to eat several bites of potatoes and gravy.

Made an appointment with the Gastro doctor to have my PEG tube removed.  I will see him on the 25th of this month for the evaluation and then will schedule the date for removal.  Can't wait to have it taken out.  I've had it for 8 months now.

Even if I have trouble eating enough to sustain me I can still drink the protein drinks that I have been ingesting.  So I should be OK. 

Friday, January 5, 2018


Today I tried several foods with some success.  For breakfast I tried some Cream of Wheat.  I had never eaten this hot cereal so didn't know what to think of the first bite.  But after the second bite I couldn't eat any more of it.

Then later I tried a small piece of banana which to my surprise tasted as it should.  So I had several bites of it with some soda to wash it down with.

Tonight I boiled some carrots and put melted butter on them with some salt.  I ate all of the pieces that I cooked.  They tasted as they should.  Then I tried some left over lasagna.  I took one bite and it tasted pretty good but still burned my throat so I threw it out.

Then I ate my daily half a cup of ice cream float.

I also ingested through the tube 4 protein drinks.  All in all, I had a pretty successful day eating.

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Last night I ate some more of the black eyed peas and rice.  This morning I made some grits and butter and was able to take a few bites of it.  Did not have a protein drink for breakfast.  Going to go to the store and buy some things that I think I can eat.  Will also buy some more protein drinks that I will chill and drink.  Gotta get serious about getting the tube out.

Tonight I baked some Meat Lover's Lasagna.  It smelt fine and it tasted fine but it burned my throat and mouth.  I ate several bites anyway and sipped some coke with each bite.  Had to spit out some of the meat but the sauce tasted good.  I then had to use the Magic Mouth Wash to ease the burning.

I'm thinking about trying Chinese food tomorrow.  I want to eat some vegetables. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Saw my ENT doctor today.  He scoped me and said no evidence of a recurrence but still have some edema.  I was sure of that as I still speak with a hoarse voice.  Wants to see me again in one month and will scope me every two months.

Then went to my Oncologist.  He listened to my lungs and looked in my throat.  Was very pleased with my improvements.  I told him I wasn't in any pain but did have a lot of discomfort with my throat, tongue, and neck.  

Also told him I wanted to have the PEG tube removed. He informed me that my ENT doctor could remove it if he would agree to it.  I didn't know that.  He cautioned me to discontinue using the tube for one month with no weight loss before having it removed. That might be hard to do.  He wants to see me again in two months.

Went to the Financial Services Office and obtained another application for assistance as this current one will expire in February.  I'm sure I will be getting another PET scan in a few months and don't want to have to pay almost $300 as my portion of payment.

I'm feeling pretty good today.  It is one of my "good days" and I'm feeling happy.

Monday, January 1, 2018


Went to my brother's house to pick up some supper for tonight.  Had a dog sitting job till noon so couldn't go for lunch.  Brought my little dogs along and they were happy to go for a ride in the van.  They were a little scared of my brother's large dogs but stayed up on the sofa next to me where they felt safe.  Had a short but nice visit and then came home. 

I brought them a cherry pie I baked last night.  Cut it in half and kept some for me.  I was able to take a couple of small bites of it last night.

Brought back some pork roast, black eyed peas, smothered cabbage, cornbread, and a glazed donut.  When I got home I heated up a tablespoon of peas and cabbage and roast.  I didn't know what to expect from my taste buds and was a little scared to try.  However, I was surprised that the peas were very good and I could have eaten more than a spoon full.  

Next I tried the cabbage and it tasted good but burned my throat.  It was like eating pepper.  Not sure why unless they put a lot of hot spices in it.  

Then I tried the roast which I was craving.  Not happening.  I chewed on a small piece but had to spit it out.  It tasted good but wouldn't break down in my mouth so that was a disappointment.  

I knew that the corn bread would not break down either but tried anyway.  Drowned it down with coke.  

Then I had 3 bites of the donut.  Tasted so good.  I was so happy that it tasted so good.  Had to drink some coke with it but it did not clump on my tongue like bread does.  I really enjoyed it.

So that was my eating experiment for the day.  Coming along slow but I am thankful for every advancement.  I'm going to be pushing myself for the next couple of weeks as I am planning to have the PEG tube removed this month.  Scared as all get out to do so but I need to start eating. 

P.S.  Later tonight I cooked some rice to mix with the pork roast and gravy.  Was able to take a few small bites.  It tasted kind of funny but I was able to swallow it with a small piece of meat and coke.  That was the second time (last night I baked pie) I used my stove in almost a year. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Back in January - at the weight of  170 pounds - I had started an exercise program of walking a couple of miles every day.  I started at the track then purchased a treadmill for my house.  Then in April I was diagnosed with Cancer and had not exercised since.   

Today - at a weight of 140 pounds - I got back on the treadmill and walked a quarter of a mile.  That's all I could do - but it's a start.  I'm very weak and my muscles have atrophied a bit.  Hoping I can build up some strength.

Ate some yogurt yesterday.  May try a small pancake and syrup later today.  Everything else goes down the PEG tube.

Still doing my lymphatic massages and wearing my compression garment every morning.  Don't see any difference in my neck at this time.  Quit going to therapy at the hospital.  Got more info by watching Youtube videos of lymphatic massage.

Monday, December 25, 2017


Had a nice visit with my brother and his family. Ate a few bites of ham. A few pieces of green beans went down well. Of course I had to wash down each bite with coke. That was all I could do and that took about 30 minutes. 

Brought a copy of the Family Tree book I made and we discussed stories of our ancestors. Gave them 3 of my books I had published years ago. They gave me a beautiful blue and white lap blanket that is also electric. It is so warm and comfortable. It sure comes in handy as I find it hard to get warm sometimes. I loved playing with the dogs. They are so sweet.