Thursday, April 13, 2017


Dr. Beyer's Clinic called today to inform me of my appointment at Thibodaux Regional Medical Center on April 26th for the Core Needle Biopsy of my lymph node.  I am to be there at 6:00am and the procedure will be at 8:00am.  Possible blood work and paper work to be completed prior to procedure.

I called the hospital and asked if I could do the pre-admit stuff before the day of procedure and the person I spoke with said no.  I guess they do things differently there.  I was able to do that here at our hospital for the last biopsy.

Dr. Beyer called me later and explained why I am being sent to Thibodaux instead of our hospital here in Houma.  He said that there is only one doctor in our whole region who can or will perform this procedure.  His name is Dr. Arthurs, and he is at the Thibodaux hospital.

He told me that he had spoken with my family doctor Scott Haydel and knows that I have a positive TB skin test.  I was tested as a teen then again in my forties and can no longer be tested.  I have always had clean and clear x-rays.  However, I told Dr. Beyer that I read some information online about how dental problems can lead to ulcers on the tongue and swollen lymph nodes and lead to a diagnosis of TB - and he said they will be testing the lymph node sample for TB as well.  I was pleased to hear this.

I have another appointment with Dr. Haydel in 3 days and will ask for an x-ray of my chest.  I am still having pain in my lower right back.  Dr. Beyer said that was a good idea to have the x-ray.

I asked Dr. Beyer if I still needed to see the Rheumatologist in Thibodaux on May 1st and he said yes, not to miss that appointment due to the elevated numbers on my last blood work - specifically the ANA test which came back positive suggestive of autoimmune disease.  I agreed to keep the appointment.

I am having more difficulty swallowing some foods and get so fearful when this happens.  Drinking coke helps to clear my throat a little when I feel something stuck on the ulcer.  Also, when I recline on the sofa and use my cool mist humidifier it calms the ulcer down.  Sounds strange but it works and I depend on it while I'm sleeping at night as well.

I continue to take a half of a .5 Xanax at night to sleep and it helps.  I will also be taking a whole pill an hour before the procedure.  Although I know what to expect, I'm still anxious about it.  Wish it was over.

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