Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Dr. Beyer asked about the biopsy procedure and if I was still taking the Bactrim.  I told him I had 5 pills left to take.  He explained that the antibiotic should be healing the ulcer.  However, there is no change and it is bothering me more and more.  Does that mean that it is viral or fungal and not bacterial?  

I was anxious to know the results of the needle biopsy so we got to that next.  I was emotionally prepared for the worst because that would at least answer my questions about what is wrong with me.  I should have been elated when the ENT doctor informed me that the biopsy showed no cancer but only infection.  However, I felt more confused and deflated.

What are we going to do about the ulcer on my tongue?  I asked if I could be sent to an Oncologist and he said they would not accept the referral without a diagnosis.  I asked about another biopsy of my tongue and that's when he said he would refer me elsewhere.

Dr. Beyer first suggested sending me to a Head and Neck specialist in New Orleans at Ochsner Hospital.  I asked if there were someone locally that I could see first.  So now I'm am being sent to an Oral Surgeon (Dr. Chris Saal) in Houma and a Rheumatologist (Dr. Luis Espinoza) in Thibodaux.  (Later found that Dr. Mary Eschete is an Infectious Disease specialist at Chabert Medical Center in Houma. Called Dr. Beyer's office and requested I be referred to her.)

I asked a lot of questions and we talked for a good while.  He said he had consulted with his colleague Dr. Simon who had similar cases and the only thing he could suggest is to keep doing a biopsy till something shows up.  He said he would also consult with Dr. Saal.  

No further appointment was made with Dr. Beyer's ENT office.  On my way out I asked that he send my family doctor Scott Haydel my records.  I paid my $50 copayment and left.  They will be calling me with appointment times for these other doctors in a few days.  I checked the internet and Dr. Saal does accept my Humana insurance as does Dr. Eschete.  That's a relief.

I have no words to express how I feel at this moment - except maybe confused and scared.                

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