Monday, April 10, 2017


April 10, 2017

Had a dental appointment today.  I have a tooth that is very sensitive to cold and  heat.  They took x-rays and did a cold test on two of my bottom teeth and said one was a dead tooth and the other would eventually be the same.  Suggested two root canals.  Gave me a prescription for antibiotics to take if it starts to become painful prior to the next appointment for the root canal.  I have been on antibiotics on and off for 8 months now.  Just finished the last round a few days ago.

When I got to the desk to pay for the visit I was told it would be over $2200.  I made the decision to have only the one tooth worked on and paid $1200 and left.  Once home I transferred some funds from my savings to my checking in order to pay for all of this medical care that's really hitting me hard.  My appointment is for May 15th at 1:00pm.

While at the drive up window at the bank today my phone rang and it was Dr. Beyer.  I was very surprised that he personally called me.  He explained that he was unable to refer me to Dr. Mary Eschete the Infectious Disease doctor, as I had requested, because he does not have a diagnosis to give her.  

He spoke with Dr. Saal the Oral Surgeon and he advised to have a different kind of biopsy done on my lymph node.  It is called a Core Needle Biopsy which provides significantly more information than the two Fine Needle Aspirations I had done, as it obtains much more tissue for the pathologist to evaluate.  It is to be done at Thibodaux General Hospital in Thibodaux.  I asked for the doctor's name and he said he didn't know yet and that Andrea - the surgery scheduler - would call the hospital to make the appointment and then let me know all information. 

He spoke again of other options like removal of the lymph node and another biopsy of the tongue but said that he would rather go with a less radical procedure for now.  So after a while, I agreed with him and said I would like to go along with his direction in my care.  I spoke a bit about the discomfort I'm having with the ulcer as food is getting stuck in my throat and I have to drink lots of fluids when I eat.

I told him how upsetting it was for me lately to try to decide which doctor to see first, the Oral Surgeon, the Rheumatologist, or the Infectious Disease doctor - as well as trying to find someone who would accept my Humana Insurance.  I was so relieved that he was making a decision for me and fought back the tears.  I kind of felt that he had abandoned me when he referred me to so many other doctors at our last visit.

After this conversation and I had time to think about everything that was said, I think maybe he is starting to think it is what I think it is and is doing what he can to get that biopsy sample to come back positive so I can get to an Oncologist and begin treatment.  Maybe this new procedure will give us more information and we can move on from there.    

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