Monday, April 17, 2017


Had appointment with my family doctor Haydel today.  Discussed many theories as to what would cause the ulcer on the base of my tongue.  Reviewed my records from the ENT doctor.  I pointed out that the CT scan initially done shows I have a nodule on the right side of my thyroid.  Dr. Haydel ordered blood work to check that out.  Will call me in a day or so with results.

Also discussed the possibility of  Oral Tuberculosis.  He ordered a chest x-ray which was clear.  So I guess that theory is out.

He agrees that the next step is the Core Needle Biopsy to be done on April 26th in Thibodaux.  He assured me that they were going to do cultures and find out exactly what is in the node.  I sure hope so because cultures were not done on the tongue biopsy performed by the ENT doctor.

Then next he suggested the colonoscopy with Dr. Pellegrin due to the blood in my stool a couple of months ago.  Crohn's Disease can cause ulcers on the tongue.  Then possibly Dr. Sall for another biopsy of the tongue with cultures.  And finally to see an Infectious Disease doctor.

I told him about food sticking in my throat on the ulcer and asked if Gaviscon liquid would help to numb the ulcer and he said yes.  It does not hurt but seems to swell up with certain foods.

I also told him that I discontinued taking my diabetic medication Metformin because my blood sugar numbers were really low and I feel shaky when they are low.  My fasting blood sugar numbers were always high around 125 and would even out during the day.  For the last two weeks my fasting numbers are in the 90s and once was 87.  It was hard to keep it above 100 even after a meal.  It seems I am reverting back to Hypoglycemia which I had for 20 years before converting to diabetes.  He made no suggestions as to why this is happening.

I feel a sense of accomplishment after today.  My questions answered and taking action of some sort to diagnosis the condition I have makes me feel like something is being done.

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