Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Received a call from the Cancer Center.  I was set up for a practice run-through and a Verification of measurements today at 3:30.  I finally got to meet Elekta, the Linear Accelerator.  When I entered the Mother Ship - LOL, there it was in all its glory.  It is indeed a foreign, alien, space-age looking machine.  But I think about it as the  machine that will save my life.  

I had to wear the mask and it was a little tight around my throat and took a while before I could manage to arrange my head where I could swallow.  Then the procedure began.  The machine made one rotation and paused several times during the process.  This took about 10 minutes then I was finished.  I could fully open my eyes this time and clearly see what was happening.  The mask around my eyes was not as tight as when I had it molded. 

So tomorrow I take my first Radiation Treatment (exactly 2 months since diagnosis) that will last 15 minutes.  Ten minutes wasn't so bad - so I imagine 15 minutes won't be as hard as I had imagined it might be.  Of course I attribute all this positive attitude to my friend Xanax... which I took two .5 mg. and hour prior to  my appointment and will continue to do so throughout treatment.    All in all it took 30 minutes for the explanation from the techs and then the process. I was told that tomorrow there will be no photos taken but will go straight to the treatment.   I was very relieved. 

I was able to drive myself home with no problems.  I live only 5 minutes from the clinic.  I may continue to do this till I feel too weak to do so. 

Taken when I finished the procedure.

Another photo of an Elekta Linear Accelerator machine. 

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