Monday, June 26, 2017


Delivered some paperwork to the Medicaid office at the hospital today.  They wanted to see my receipts for all medical visits, procedures, and meds.  They also requested bank statements from the last three months as well as my 1099 Form.   Now just have to wait for a phone call from my case worker to see if I will get some financial assistance.

On my way out I stopped at the Cancer Center and spoke with Sarah, the Financial Officer, who was working the front desk today.  I asked if she could tell me when I will be scheduled for my first treatment.  She checked my files and said that my Humana Insurance approved my treatment plan about 7 days after it was submitted.  So it was approved 7 days ago.  Wish I knew what the hold up is.  They are going to wait so long that my PET Scan (taken 6 weeks ago) will no longer be up to date and changes are happening in my throat which scares me.  I hope their measurements are still accurate.

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