Monday, June 5, 2017


Called the Cancer Center this morning and cancelled my radiation mask fitting from Tuesday to Friday.  That gives me 3 more days to heal from the PEG tube surgery. 

My son drove in from Baton Rouge today to take care of some legal affairs.  We went to Capital One Bank and had his name added to my checking account.  Also put in a "Payable Upon Death" clause on my CD accounts.  Then went to the attorney's office to have him notarize two documents - A Durable Power of Attorney and a Medical Power of Attorney.   We did not go to Synergy Bank where I have another checking account.  Ran out of time so maybe we'll do that on his next visit.  I had booked a dog sitting job for 1:00pm but called to say I was running late and for her to bring the dog at 3:00 instead.  

We then went to lunch at Cicily's and I had my usual spinach pizza and a piece of baked chicken.  Also had a little banana pudding.

Once the dog was dropped off, my son and I sat down and relaxed and discussed all matters in depth.  I showed him around the house to point out all the things that needed to be fixed.  Showed him what I considered to be valuable and things that had sentimental value.  Let him read my will and discussed what I wanted done.  So now that is all out of the way and I feel a great sense of accomplishment.  He left around 6:00pm and I was sad to see him go.

Once this dog sitting job is done, I will no longer book any future jobs.  It's time to get my mind clear and start doing relaxation exercises.  I need to find a spot in my mind to go to when I'm anxious.  This takes practice.  Meditation is not easy to do without training.  I'm hoping to use these next few weeks to learn how to center myself.  This is going to be a big help when I'm under the radiation mask and getting fried.

At one time, a long time ago, I was very much into hypnosis.  It took weeks to learn how to "go down to level" but I could do it easily at the end of training.  I'm hoping to be able to do it once again during treatment.

I have had continued muscle spasms today.  In fact, I've had more today than any day before.  Maybe because I was moving more than usual.  In and out of my son's car - which sits low to the ground - was very painful.  Also sitting and waiting at the bank was hard to do.

This morning I cleaned the wound and dressed it.  This afternoon I flushed out the tube which had some debris in it.  It is very sore in this area and I freak out each time I have to deal with it.

The pain pills are not working as well as they were in the past.  I'll call the Gastro doctor tomorrow and ask for something stronger.  Being in constant pain is exhausting.  I'm now going to the sofa and try to relax my stomach muscles.  It's too late for a nap so I'll just watch a movie and remain still.

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