Thursday, June 8, 2017


The Cancer Center called this morning to inform me that the Radiation machine will be down for maintenance this Friday.  They rescheduled me for next Tuesday the 13th at 12:15. This makes about 5 times this procedure has been postponed for one reason or another by me or by the Center.  Is this an omen??

I can surely use the time for healing from the PEG tube surgery performed 8 days ago and which is still causing me painful muscle spasms.  So now I have 4 more days to recover.  Still taking pain meds and do get relief for about 4 or 5 hours at a time.  Yesterday was a good day and I went up to 6 hours before having to take another dose at 5:00am this morning.  I try to go longer each time.  If I remain still on the sofa I can go a little longer during the night but by morning the pain wakes me up.  I realize now that I heal a whole lot slower than most.  I guess the diabetes has a lot to do with it.    

I am in the middle of a dog sitting job and have to be real careful that the dog does not jump up on the sofa and hit my belly.  He is such a cute and playful little Shih Tzu and it saddens me that I can't play with him like I used to.  He is no trouble and sleeps all night long with me on the sofa.  I surround myself with pillows so he can't get to my belly.  I'm going to miss him when I can no longer dog sit.  In fact, he just may be my last sitting job.

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