Sunday, June 4, 2017


Slept better last night.  Getting used to sleeping on my back.  Took pain meds at 5:00am when pain woke me up.  The pain is in the left side muscle not around the stoma.  If it weren't for that muscle pain I would feel great.

I wanted to take a bath this morning but decided against it.  Instead I flushed the stoma, cleaned around the plug, dried it, put antibacterial ointment around the PEG, and taped fresh gauze under the plastic plug.  Washed my hair in the sink and took a sponge bath so as not to get the gauze wet.  Feel much better.

Took another half of a pain pill this morning around 10:00am as I was having lots of spasms.  Also took more stool softeners.  It has been 3 days without a bowel movement.  Took a total of 8 softeners in 3 days before they started to work.  So relieved that I had my first movement since surgery.

My brother came by for a visit and played with the dogs for awhile.  They really miss having someone to pay attention to them.  I have been spending a lot of time on the sofa trying to keep still to ease the pain.  I had to cancel two dog sitting jobs for this month and next month.  Will still keep this next one who will be coming on Monday afternoon and staying for 6 nights.

Just ordered more gauze and syringes from Amazon.

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