Saturday, June 3, 2017


Had my PEG tube surgery two days ago and needed to clean it today. Wasn't sure if I was to remove the gauze that is under the plastic plug or not. I was not given specific instructions on how to clean it. 

I removed the tape and the gauze, and there was some bleeding. I used soap and water to clean the area but did not get very far under the plastic plug covering. Rinsed and dried and put some antibiotic cream all around the plug and managed to get some under it as well. Sure wish I could have gotten someone at the clinic to do the first cleaning in order for me to see how it is done. Now I'm scared that due to the bleeding I may get an infection. And of course it is the weekend and can't get my team on the phone.

Finally I decided to call my Gastro doctor.  Told him about the bleeding and also about the extreme painful spasms I feel on the left side of my abdomen away from the stoma.  He said that was muscle spasms and not to worry.  Because the bleeding has stopped he said not to clean it again for a day or so.   I felt better after talking to him and took some pain meds and will now try to take a nap on the sofa and relax that stomach muscle.  I hope I didn't make things worse by causing the stoma to bleed.  This is so upsetting.

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