Saturday, March 18, 2017


This is where we were a year ago today.

Yesterday was a mix of good and bad.  I slept only 2 hours the night before and just didn't know why.  I was feeling weak and once I looked into my throat realized why.  I now had white sores all over my mouth and on my tongue.  Too much steroids.  Called the doctor and asked to discontinue but he insisted I continue and sent in an order for some medication for oral thrush at my pharmacy.  It's only one pill and should take care of the problem.  I only have two more days of antibiotics left to take.  I started gargling more with baking soda and salt and this morning the sores are almost all gone.  The surgery site still is covered in white but is a lot less so I guess I'm sloughing off the scabs.

Last night I took a whole Xanax and slept all night with of course many visits to the bathroom to pee.  Feeling better today.  My strength is coming back.  I also started eating more than just mashed potatoes and broth.  I cooked some rice and gravy with smothered pork chops that I cut into tiny pieces.  That tasted soooo good.  I was so hungry.  I don't think I was getting enough protein.  My fault.

I needed more supplies from the store but didn't want to bother my neighbor Evelyn who isn't feeling well, so decided to drive myself.  I was feeling weak and shaky but I made it.  Then later in the day I had to return to pick up the meds my doctor had called in for the oral thrush.  I'm confident that I will be able to drive myself to my next doctor's appointment on the 22nd.

And to top everything off... I cut my grass in my back yard.  It was taller than my little Shih Tzus so I had to do it.  It was rough as I had to stop and start many times as I was out of breath but I did it.

My friend Pat came by to visit and gave me a nice back rub.  He only stayed for a short while but I was glad he came by.  My neighbor Carolyn and her dog Prince also stopped by for a visit and we walked out dogs outside for a while.

So that was my day.   Day 12.

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