Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Had a bad night.  Took my last pain meds at 1:00am and tried to fall asleep but the meds make me speed and my mind races.  In the past I have taken Xanax to sleep but can't swallow any pills just yet.  Tried to lay still and didn't take any more meds during the night to see if I could sleep but I couldn't.  Finally took another dose at 7:00am this morning and ate a small pudding cup.  It felt sticky in my throat so drank a lot of water with it.  Will have some soup later today.

The cool mist humidifier I purchased works well to keep my throat moist.  It is a small unit and needs refilling every 15 minutes or so - which is a hassle.

It was so nice to have a friend here with me last night.  It's a bit scary to think that there is a chance of bleeding for the next 2 weeks and I'll be alone during that time.

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