Monday, March 6, 2017


Made it through the surgery.  My blood pressure was 191/87.  Was extremely anxious prior to entering the operating room.  Then I was given something to relax me.  However, my anxiety level was so high that I barely felt it.  Within a few minutes I was put under general anesthesia.  Wish they would have given me the relaxant an hour before while I was waiting for the doctor.

After the surgery, that lasted a little less than an hour, my doctor informed my friend Evelyn of some encouraging information.  He said that it was not as bad as he had thought.  I'll find out more when I see him on March 15th.  Until then, I will be following diet instructions.  Today I only had popsicles and snow ice.  Was so hungry by 10:00pm that I opened a can of chicken broth and had a few spoonfuls at room temperature.  Felt so good.  Tomorrow I'll be able to eat some pudding and mashed potatoes.  Looking forward to that.

My friend Evelyn had to run all over town in order to get my liquid hydrocodone prescription filled.  No one seemed to have it on hand.  She finally found it at the pharmacy at Target.  I sure hope they have a large supply as the bottle is already almost half gone and it's only day one.  I'm taking my pain liquid every 4 hours and it wears off by the 3rd hour but I make it to 4.

My friend Sylvia has been here with me all day and will be going home tomorrow around noon.  It is good to have someone here tonight as I am still very anxious.

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