Wednesday, March 15, 2017


My neighbor Evelyn took me to another doctor's appointment today at 1:00pm.  I asked a lot of questions and got some more specific answers which were still not verified by test results.  My removed left tonsil did not have any cancer cells in it.  That was great to hear from him.

He is still curious about a possible Autoimmune Disease lurking somewhere and will want to eventually run blood tests when I'm healed from this tonsilectomy.  I spent some time explaining to him everything I went through with the dentist starting back in July 2016.  He showed some interest in that info.  I also signed permission for him to obtain blood work results from my Family doctor Haydel.

Wants to see me in a week at which time we will decide the next course of action.  He made me real happy and relieved when he suggested another needle biopsy of the left lymph node.  I will be awake for this one.  It has shrunk a great deal but could balloon out again when I finish the steroid meds in two days.  If it is a tumor it is on the base of my tongue and in my lymph node and not in my tonsil.  The next biopsy should show something more than the first one.  My gut still tells me it is Squamous Cell Carcinoma. just like Dad had.

Radiation, Chemo, and possible surgery to come.

I'm feeling stronger and eating more.  My ear does not hurt as bad and am taking less pain meds.  I should be a lot stronger when I see him again next week.

Evelyn went to the grocery store for me and I now have more broth and potatoes and pudding cups.  That's what I've been living on for the last 10 days.  She also went to the Chinese place to get me some Won Ton Soup.  That was so good.

Can't thank her enough.  Sent her a gift basket.  She was surprised and loves it.

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