Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Had an appointment with ENT Dr. Beyer today.  This appointment was to be when we would decide the next course of action.  He first checked my lymph node and said jokingly, "Where is it?"  He didn't feel it.  I still feel it as the size of a small marble.

He looked at my surgery area and my throat is healing slowly but well.  He then wanted to look with the scope through my nose down my throat at the ulcer using the flexible endoscopic camera.  Said it looks the same... no change.  He said he could remove the lymph node and also do another biopsy of the ulcer.  I asked a few questions and we discussed the procedures.

That's when he decided to go ahead with the blood work to rule out an Autoimmune Disease and scheduled another appointment for next week.  He really seems to think that is what I have.  I do not agree and feel we are wasting time.  If it is cancer it is growing and time is precious.  We need to start treatment as soon as possible.  I understand that I have to heal a bit more from the tonsillectomy before another surgery, so I agreed to the blood work.

Was sent to the out patient lab at Terrebonne General Hospital and they took 5 vials of blood for the following tests:

-- Anti-Nuclear Ab (ANA)
-- CBC with Differential
-- Cat Scratch Disease Panel
-- C-Reactive Protein
-- Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
-- Sjogrens Ab

If they are negative, there is a strong possibility that it is cancer and I will request another biopsy.

To top it all off, I have an infected boil on my butt.  This is the second boil I've had in the last few months.  Never had one in my life.  How can this be when I'm on so much antibiotic?  Am keeping it clean and with antibiotic ointment.    

According to WEBMD, you should seek medical attention if:
  • You have a heart murmurdiabetes, any problem with your immune system, or use immune suppressing drugs (for example, corticosteroids or chemotherapy) and you develop a boil.
I just completed a week of prednisone - a steroid - to help shrink my lymph node - which it did.  I am a diabetic.  Do I also have a problem with my immune system?  Is that why I'm getting these boils?

I am still feeling weak and shaky.  All I want to do is sleep.  I tried eating more protein but it upset my stomach and I had terrible cramps.  So I'm back on soups.  My throat doesn't hurt but I still feel the lump at the base of my tongue.  This is very upsetting.  Going to go to sleep now.

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