Friday, March 10, 2017

HAD FEVER - DAY 3 and 4

Not a good day yesterday.  Started running a fever of 101 and felt really awful.  Called the doctor's office and made appointment for the afternoon at 3:00pm.  He gave me some meds for infection and my friend Evelyn went to the pharmacy to get it filled.  I have not had any fever since taking the meds but my ear still hurts pretty bad.  The only thing that helps is double doses of the Hydrocodone.  However, if I keep taking double doses I will run out soon and the doctor hesitated to give me a refill when I asked.  Instead he wants to see me again in on Saturday at 9:00am. 

Been having trouble with bladder control since the surgery.  It first happened in the surgery clinic.  Then last night I urinated all over my bed and on the floor as I tried to get to the bathroom.  I have lost control of my bladder.  I'm now wearing a diaper I made of doggie potty pads that I had on hand and also put one on my bed.  I took a Xanax last night in order to sleep so doing that may have relaxed me and added to my bladder problem.  I had not slept since Sunday night and 2 nights without sleep was taking its toll on my emotional well being.  Starting having heart palpitations.  The Xanax always helps with the mitral valve problem I have.

Today I cut the dose of pain meds back down due to fear of not getting any further refills from my doctor.  Sad situation when druggies on the street can get drugs like this but patients who really need it have a hard time convincing their doctor of this fact.

Just took a half a Xanax in order to get a little bit of sleep tonight.  I'm so tired.  I cried for the first time today.  Just so tired of all the pain.

My neighbor Evelyn made me a delicious broth today.  I ate some spoonfuls with my mashed potatoes.  That's the only thing I feel like eating.  I do also enjoy cold Tapioca pudding cups.

My doctor told me that the results of my biopsy were inconclusive and that he was going to run some more blood tests on me as soon as I was healed from the recent surgery.

I came home and Googled inconclusive biopsy tests and it does not mean that there is no cancer.  It probably just means that there was not a large enough biopsy taken.  I will be asking a lot of questions tomorrow.

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