Wednesday, March 8, 2017


I called Dr. Byer's office and asked if it was safe to take my blood pressure pill as well as my Xanax in order to help me sleep.  The Hydrocodone pain meds have always made me speed.  He said yes.  I immediately coated a Xanax pill with butter to ensure it would go down easy and tilted my head to the right side and swallowed with water.  I did get some sleep last night but it was restless and only in spurts of about 15 minutes and half an hour at a time.

My friend Sylvia left this morning to return home and I was alone all day.  I made some more mashed potatoes and opened a can of beef broth and snacked on that all day between medications.  Took another Xanax and slept on and off all day.  My pain meds don't last till the next dose in 4 hours so I started to take a half a dose every 2 hours.  Still not enough.  The pain meds are not giving the relief I had expected.  The throat pain is pretty bad but the earache on the same side is horrible.  I placed a call to Dr. Beyer's office and asked if I could increase the pain meds.  He said I could double the 15ml to 30ml every 4 hours.  Also advised to use earache drops in left ear.

I found some drops in my bathroom and put 3 drops in my ear and placed a piece of cotton as well.  Took another dose of pain meds and laid down on the sofa.  Soon I felt immediate relief in my ear.  Taking this amount of meds will empty the bottle pretty quickly so I'll have to make sure I get a refill before the weekend.

My friend Jeff texted me today to check on me.  Neighbor Evelyn came by this afternoon and Carolyn called to see if I needed anything.  Thanks to all of them for caring.  I had made sure I had enough supplies before the surgery so I'm doing fine in the food and drink department.

My little doggies have slept by me all day on the sofa.  They are acting strange and seem to know something is not right.  I have been sleeping on the living room sofa as it it close to all the meds and ice I need during the night.  It's comfortable and I am leaving the front door unlocked so friends can come and go to check on me.

I finally got the courage to look in the mirror at my throat.  The left side is covered in what looks like white pus.  It sure hurts to swallow.

I'm hoping to sleep better tonight due to the increase in medication dosage.  Looking forward to day 4 and more relief.

Finally figured out what I was doing wrong with the cool mist humidifier.  I was filling the wrong water hole.  Now that I know how to work it, it will provide cool mist for hours instead of minutes.  It sure feels good on my face and throat.

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