Friday, May 12, 2017


Started fasting yesterday morning.  Only able to have liquids till midnight - then nothing till after procedure.  The liquid I had to drink to cleanse the colon was so horrible I could barely keep it down.  I gagged every time I had to drink it.  Sixteen ounces then two 16 ounces of water at 4:00pm.  Then repeat again at 9:00pm. 

All I had to eat all day was two cups of soup broth.  Went to the bathroom so many times I lost count.  At 11:00pm I had a popsicle then went to bed.  Slept all night till the alarm woke me.  More bathroom visits.  My neighbor Evelyn picked me up at 8:30 and took me to the Gastro clinic.

I was taken in right away and prepped for the procedure.  I had taken my blood pressure pill along with a half of a .5 Xanax but neither one helped very much.  My blood pressure was 191/90. 

They started an IV and within minutes the tech with the large hypodermic needle was there and promised me the "best nap I ever had" into my IV.  I remember feeling the drug enter my body and within seconds I was out.  Woke up feeling great. 

Dr. Pellegrin came in and showed me photos of my colon and said no abnormalities except for Diverticulosis.  Explained that I was having spasms and that is what caused the pain in my left side.  Gave me script for Bentyl (for Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and Tagamet.   

Then I dressed and Evelyn and her husband Robert took me to IHOP for breakfast.  And boy did I eat.  I was so hungry that I over did it and about an hour later I was back on the toilet.  

Feeling ok now.  Have two days to rest up and then it's to the dentist for a root canal on Monday. Oh joy!

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