Friday, May 26, 2017


Filled out forms today to take to the attorney.  Completed the Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney, and Durable General Power of Attorney.  Now I have to get my son and I to sign in front of an attorney and have signatures of witnesses.  That's one less thing to worry about in estate planning.  My son will need to sign the 2 forms for Power of Attorney in order to access my financial accounts to keep up insurance payments on the house after my death and even prior to my death if I become incapacitated.

Still have to meet my son at the bank in order for him to sign a "Signature Authority" on my checking accounts and a "Payable Upon Death" provision to my stock accounts.  That is going to be a problem as he feels it is too difficult to come here to my bank due to his job.  I offered to go to Baton Rouge to do the signing but now I will be scheduled nearly every day for some type of procedure and then Radiation treatment begins.  I will not be able to go to him - he will have to come here.  If he does not complete all of these signatures prior to my passing, he will have to go to court to access my money after my death.  I may have to assign someone else to be Power of Attorney for my estate.

Filled out an application to become a member of Acadian Ambulance Service.  The fee is $67 yearly.  I just may need this transportation if I fall ill in the middle of the night due to dehydration from throwing up.  This is a serious condition and needs immediate attention.

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