Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Went to my dental appointment during a terrible thunderstorm.  Hoping I don't get a sore throat which I do everytime I go out in the rain and get wet.  

I brought along my trays from my whitening kit and asked if I could use them instead of having a new set made.  The dentist looked at how they fit my teeth and said yes I could use them.  He gave me some special toothpaste to use and ordered the Fluoride that I will pick up next week.  This visit was $50 as  opposed to the $225 that I would have had to pay for the Fluoride trays.  Very happy about that.

For the last two days I have been feeling a pain in my throat on the left side but not on my tongue.  It feels like it is behind and up from where my tonsil was removed.  Could the cancer be spreading?

I'll have the PEG in two days and then after the weekend I'll have the radiation mask fitted with a practice run-through.  I've read that the treatments begin right away.  I should be through with the 7 weeks of treatment the first week of August - just in time for my 70th birthday on the second.  However, the rads still cook you for a month or so afterwards so I'll be sick for weeks after treatment.... but no more mask and rads.  That's a good thing.


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