Thursday, May 25, 2017


TGMC called this morning to inform me that my upcoming procedure will require a $275 copayment.  Then the dentist sent me a text informing me that my upcoming procedure will require a payment of $225.

Later the Funeral Home called to set up an appointment for me to come in and complete the contract.  I met with a nice lady who explained some things that the other gentleman had not on my previous visit.  He also had not quoted me the correct price of my policy.  She asked if I wanted flowers.  After giving it some thought, I decided to go ahead and purchase the cheapest flowers for my own Memorial Service at a cost of $150.   That is really strange.  

She also added the cost of the obit in the local newspaper which is also $150.  So the grand total is now $2895.  I paid her $1500 and will be paying $78.00 a month for the remainder of the cost.  I plan on paying $100 a month till it is paid off.  If I pay off earlier I will get a discount.

 A worker from the Council on Aging also came to my house to do the necessary intake for me to get transportation services to the cancer center for my medical treatments.  I am so relieved that I won't have to drive myself.

It has been a busy day.

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