Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Saw Dr. Pellegrin today.  We talked about my colonoscopy and I informed him about the problems I had with the meds he gave me.  We agreed that I don't need to take any more meds.

He then explained in detail how the upcoming PEG tube surgery would be performed.  I will be sore and he will be giving me meds for pain.  I am to flush the tube with water daily and when I start radiation therapy the nurses will show me how to care for it as I use it to feed myself when I can no longer swallow.  

I then was scheduled for surgery at the TGMC Out Patient Pavilion on June 1st.  They will call me the day before to tell me what time to be at the Pavilion.  I am scheduled for Pre Op on May 29th at 1:00pm at the Short Stay Clinic.   

It is recommended that someone stay with me afterwards as well as that night.  My friend Evelyn will be taking me to the Pavilion and my Friend Sylvia will be staying with me overnight.

When I left the clinic I drove to the Funeral Home and submitted my completed packet of information.  I was told someone would be calling me to complete the intake process.

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