Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Went into the Gastro office yesterday and was given instructions for the colonoscopy to be done on Friday May 12th.  I will get a call the day before to inform me of the time for me to be at the clinic.  My neighbor Evelyn will be going with me as I will not be able to drive myself home.

I have been having pain in my lower left abdomen for months now as well as bloody stool twice, and am worried that there is something there.  The CT Scan showed nothing in that area but something is wrong as I continue to have pain.  Had a mild episode of Diverticulitis yesterday and took a couple of Cipro pills that eventually eased the pain from the bacterial infection in the pouches.  I also took some pain medicine with Tylenol and slept well.  No pain today.

Tomorrow, May 10th, I see the Oncologist for the first time and the next day I see the Radiation Oncologist.   May 12th is the Colonoscopy.  May 15th I see the dentist for a root canal.  May 18th I see the ENT doctor again.  Lots of doctor visits yet still no treatment for the cancer that is eating me alive.

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