Monday, May 22, 2017


Had my stitches removed today.  Afterwards, I talked to my dentist about Fluoride Treatment.  He said he called my Radiation Oncologist but could not reach him.  He explained that I would have to have impressions made and then they would make my dental trays.  I am to do the treatment twice a day during my course of Radiation Treatment.  He made me an appointment for a week from today.  My mouth is still sore from the surgery and root canal performed last week.  I'm also still on the antibiotic.  He cleared me for Radiation Treatment.

When I left his office I drove to the Chauvin Funeral Home.  I've been  planning for a long time now to make arrangements for my funeral - even before all of this cancer started.  So I was given a booklet to fill out information and the gentleman explained the prices to me.

Here is the list and prices:
- Direct Cremation =   $1500
- Crematory =                $595
- Permit from Coroner = $75
- Memorial Service =    $395
- Death Certificates =      $30
TOTAL                        $2585

I told him I had a will and I have written my own obit.  I have written my wishes as to how I want my memorial service to go as well as how I want my ashes spread.  He told me to put that all in my will.  So I will take it to my lawyer and have that done in a week or so.  I also made a list of friends that I want contacted and invited to attend the Memorial Service.

I felt good when I left the funeral home.  It was a sense that I felt I was getting one more thing accomplished that my son won't have to worry about.  I still have to get a Durable Power of Attorney and Medical Power of Attorney done as well as put my son's Signature Authority on all my financial accounts as well as a Payable Upon Death provision to stock accounts.  I'll also complete a Living Will.  These are things that we all have to do in life - eventually - so why not now.  

And here's a little something I put together just for fun.

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