Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Had my first meeting with my Oncologist Dr. McGaw today.  I asked a lot of questions and he talked with me for a long time.  He examined my neck as well as my abdomen as I told him about the pain I was having in that area.  

We discussed the options for treatment and I expressed my desire to not have surgery but to start with chemo and radiation.   He stated that he wants to start with a PET Scan to which I agreed.  He wants to consult with the Oral Surgeon Dr. Sall, Radiation Oncologist Dr. Long, as well as my ENT Dr. Beyer.  They will decide what course of treatment I will have after reviewing the PET Scan. 

He does not feel that I am a candidate for surgery.  He also does not feel that I am in Stage 4.  We will soon find out.

He told me that there is a chance that my Humana insurance may not pay for the PET scan.  If they do not pay then I will have to have a full body CT Scan instead.

I then had a meeting with the Patient Navigator Vickie Boudreaux - LPN.  Walked me through the resources available to me and gave me a packet of information.  I asked for her assistance in getting a home health worker, a volunteer to drive me to and from my treatments, and Meals on Wheels.  These will be welcomed as I enter the final stage of treatment.  I explained that I live alone.   

Had some blood work done and then went home. 

Here is my team.

Dr. McGaw - Medical Oncologist

Dr. Long - Radiation Oncologist

Dr. Beyer - ENT

Vickie Boudreaux - LPN - Patient Navigator

Everyone was nice and pleasant and the facility is fairly new, only 6 years old.

Cancer fighting technology available at Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center includes the Elekta linear accelerator, for fast, more accurate diagnosis; advanced intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) treatment capability; imageguided radiation therapy (IGRT) treatment capability; positron emission tomography and computed tomography (PET/CT) capabilities.  

This is not the scary part.  The mask is the scary part.

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