Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Met with the Medical Oncologist Dr. McGaw today for the results of the PET scan.  He stated that since I had refused surgery, I would only need to be treated with Radiation and no Chemotherapy.  I asked what stage I was in and he looked through his notes and said Stage 2.  I questioned why only Radiation and he replied that he was surprised at that determination as well.  He explained that they had to follow the particular protocol as per my PET scan results.  He said there would be no further follow up with his office.  I did not have a sense of relief as I expected I would have given these results.  I am worried that Radiation will not be enough.  

He asked if I wanted to see the PET scan and I said yes.  He showed me that the cancer shows up black on the scan and pointed to two large areas in my neck.  Then he showed me a small black dot under my arm.  He made a phone call to someone and asked what that dot was.  He then said it was probably just arthritis and not cancer.  Humm, how sure is he of that I wonder?

I see the Radiation Oncologist tomorrow and will ask more questions at that time.  I also have an appointment with the ENT Dr. Beyer tomorrow before seeing the Oncologist.  

I'm confused about my plan of care.  It reminds me of the treatment my father received 30 years ago for the same thing I have.  He only received Radiation and was dead 2 years later.

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