Sunday, July 30, 2017


Don't know why I would have another obstruction when I'm not taking any pain meds yet.  Took some Miralax down my PEG tube hoping this will remedy the situation.  I guess it's all that milk.  I've never drank milk in my life and have suffered from lactose intolerance in the past.  And now that's all I'm ingesting.

All I'm taking into my body are 3 protein drinks a day and lots of water.  I'm not eating anything by mouth - just sips of water all day so I can keep my swallow muscles strong. The taste of anything on my tongue is unbearable.  So from now on it's just the PEG tube.  I tried another smoothie but just can't stand the taste so won't be doing that any longer.  

Three protein drinks a day is not meeting my requirements for calories and protein.  It would take 7 a day to reach the numbers the dietician gave me.  How in the world will I be able to do that?  

I'm crushing my blood pressure meds and my Xanax for administering into my PEG tube with no problems.  I mix the powder in water then put it in with the protein drink.  

Today I've had 43 ounces of protein drink, and 28 ounces of water. and 730 calories.  I've ingested 4 protein drinks - my last one at 9:00pm.  To ingest 3 more a day I may have to do so during the night.  However, you are not supposed to lie down for 30 minutes after feeding through the PEG tube.  I guess I'll figure something out.

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