Wednesday, July 19, 2017


The Diflucan medicine worked.  This morning my mouth no longer had any white patches.  Sure hope it doesn't come back but it probably will.

I have no appetite and am drinking my 3 protein drinks as instructed by my dietician.  I have no trouble swallowing.  I just can't stand the taste of food any longer.  Even when there is no food in my mouth I can taste cardboard.  I was a big water drinker but it now tastes like metal.  I can still manage coke but it is starting to taste bad as well. 

I can eat chicken noodle soup, beef broth, clam chowder, yogurt, and tonight I had a pancake with syrup.  I hope I can keep this up.

I figured out a way to get the needed 64 ounces of water down every day.  I decided to use my PEG tube every hour.  I'll inject two syringes of water every hour and then I won't have to taste it.  Each syringe is 2 ounces so that's 4 ounces every hour.  Along with the protein drinks and soups I'll really be getting the amount of liquids they say I need to assist in my healing.

I am using the salt, soda, and water rinse many times during the day to clear the mucous out of my throat and mouth.  Also used the Magic Mouth Wash a couple of times but it is not really needed just yet.  It numbs my whole mouth for about 30 minutes but it tastes so bad and gags me.  When the real pain starts I'll be happy to have it. 

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