Friday, July 28, 2017


So glad it is Friday and will have a couple of days to recoup.  I'm really weak tonight and having problems swallowing.  Only drank a can of beef broth today.  Didn't have but one protein drink today - only half at a time.  Still flushing my PEG tube with lots of water.

For the first time I'm feeling a burning in my throat.  Drank some liquid Tylenol and had a chocking spell with it.  I'll put it down the tube next time.  My throat is inflamed and swollen.  Still haven't gone to the pharmacy to fill the script for pain meds.  Hope I'm strong enough to do so tomorrow.  

I spend all of my time on the sofa.  Very tired after treatment.  Very tired all the time.  Using the suction machine often.  Still gargling with salt and baking soda.  Still using the Biotene Mouth Rinse.  Still sipping water all day and at night.  Still using the cool mist humidifier day and night.  Still using Aloe Vera on my neck.  Still changing my stoma dressing every day.  

Going into week five on Monday.  Still a long way to go.

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