Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I have a new reaction to the radiation today.  My neck has some small bumps that itch really bad.  I am putting  Cortizone 10 on and it gives me a lot of relief.  Also am putting Aloe Vera lotion as the redness is starting to set in.  This is the beginning of one of the issues that will cause intense pain in weeks to come.  I'm also loosing a lot of my hair.  Little short black hair strands are everywhere.

I did my first PEG tube feeding today.  Grossed me out.  I poured a large bottle of Diabetic Glucerna Protein Drink into the 2 ounce syringe slowly, and filled as it emptied with gravity.  Even though it is not going through your throat and over your tongue you can still taste it... and it's awful.  Flushed with 2 ounces of water before and after so my stomach was full.  In fact, too full which made me nauseous.  I'll have to do it much slower next time.   Next step is crushing my pills in order to put them down my PEG tube.  I can no longer swallow pills as my throat is swollen.  I'm learning how to on Youtube.  I still have to take my blood pressure pill, high cholesterol pill, and diabetic pill.  However, only my blood pressure pill can be crushed.  Will have to talk to my family doctor about changing the other two pills to something else.

I drank more of my Hulk Smoothie (2 ounces at a time is all I can do) which gives me a boost of energy and then had some beef broth later around lunch.  Having increased my water intake I am not as nauseous as I have been.  I'v stopped taking the Zofran for nausea as it makes me more nauseous.  I'm controlling the nausea with Xanax three times a day as well as taking in more water through my PEG tube.  I'm also sipping water all day long and at night as well when I go to the bathroom.  The cool mist humidifier by my bed helps keep my throat moist.  Water intake is crucial to fight off the effects of radiation poisoning.  I'm still not taking in enough but will increase it more in time.

Called my ENT doctor today to request an order for a suction machine to help get this pasty mucous out of my throat and mouth.  His office called me this afternoon and said the script is waiting for me at the front desk.  Thank You Dr. Beyer.  I'll pick it up in the morning and go to Pulmonary Home Care to pick up the unit.

I am going through a roll of paper towels a day in order to scrape out my mouth after gargling.  This mucous stuff is awful.  It gives me a little relief but is back in less than an hour.  The suction machine will be a big help in this battle.

The good news is that I am now half way through with treatment.


  1. Hi Linda - I'm not commenting every day, but still reading and holding you in my thoughts. My heart aches for you.

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Thank you for the kind thoughts. IT's rough but I'm hanging in there.