Friday, July 21, 2017


Had nausea all day again today.  There's got to be something other than pills that melt on your tongue.  It is so nauseating to wait for the Zofran pill to dissolve.  I'll ask next week.

I bought some Xylimelts today to help with dry mouth.  Tried one but had to spit it out.  Very nauseating.  Also bought some sugar free gum but haven't tried it yet.    

I can still remember how some foods taste and while shopping I bought some hot dogs, honey ham, cottage cheese and ice cream.  Can't eat any kind of meat.  The minute it hits my tongue it tastes like cardboard.  I had a few bites of cottage cheese but it soon tasted awful.  The only thing that I could enjoy was the raspberry ice cream.  Coke is starting to taste metallic as well.  I use my PEG tube for all water as it tastes like metal.

Had to hire someone to cut my grass today.  I am just too weak to do it anymore.  My back yard had never looked so bad.  Weeds everywhere.  He did a good job of cleaning up the mess and will be back in 2 weeks.

I use the salt/soda rinse every hour to get the mucous out of my throat and off my tongue.  I brush my teeth often.  I use Biotene mouth rinse for dry mouth but it doesn't last long.  I rub my neck with Aloe Vera every night.  It is starting to turn a light pink.  It will soon be red.  

Will be going into my 4th week next week.  That's when they say it begins to get bad.  I guess they mean the pain.  I'm not in any pain right now but I'm a 10 on the scale of discomfort.  Sure wish it was all over.

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