Thursday, July 13, 2017


Have only 25 treatments left.  Today was a really bad day for nausea.  Not much relief from using the salt, baking soda and water rinses.  Lots of mucus building in back of my throat.  I actually dig it out with a paper towel.  Rinsing doesn't work.  

I told the techs at the treatment center how bad the nausea was and I was offered two tips that they have heard from other patients.  Smell alcohol wipes and peppermint oil diffusers.  Poor things, they don't know what to tell me.  They know I need meds to help with this but the Oncologist doesn't think so.  I told them I would see my family doctor next week and get something for nausea.

Came home and ate some mac and cheese.  It went down well but later I almost threw it up.  I took some Pepto Bismol and almost threw that up as well.  Lots of gagging.  Decided to take the Bonine I purchased the other day.  It is mostly for motion sickness but I'm desperate at this point.   Getting a bit of relief from that. 

There is no way I can drink the protein drinks the dietician told me to.  Just the thought of it makes me gag.  If you can't get past the nausea there is no way to nourish yourself.  Even if I used the PEG tube I will still have the nausea and may throw up.  It's too early for all of this to be happening.  I can still swallow with ease.

I see the Oncologist tomorrow.  Maybe he will offer some meds at this point.  If not, I'll get some from my family doctor. 


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  2. Hopefully you will something for some relief before the weekend.

    Virtual hugs,