Saturday, July 29, 2017


Took in a little nourishment (about half a bottle and my 4 ounces of water) this morning so I could go to the pharmacy to get my script filled.  Still feeling very weak.  I needed some more Glucerna so went to Walmart.  Gave the script to the pharmacist and he said they didn't have any and wouldn't have any till next week.  

OK, so I'll go to Target.  While there I asked another pharmacist what pills I can crush to put down my PEG tube.  She said all of them but she was not certain about the Fenofibrate for my high cholesterol.  She said she would call the company and call me with an answer.  I got the few supplies I needed and left.

I was getting a little weaker and thought I should go home but I drove on over to Target and submitted the script to the pharmacist who said they didn't have enough to fill the script.  She was kind enough to get on the computer and ask another pharmacy if they had any and they said yes.  

So off I went to another pharmacy.  By this time I was sure I was going to faint.  I was light headed and needed more water down my PEG.  I sat down while the pharmacist checked with my insurance company.  I wasn't concerned because they had approved this medicine several times before when I had my tonsil removed.

A few minutes later the pharmacist came out to tell me that Humana said this drug was not on their formulary and would not cover it.  The cost would be $186.69.  I was shocked.  Last time I only had to pay $33.89.  I told her to go ahead and fill it as I will be needing it.  

It was a good thing I was sitting down when she told me this.  The nausea set in and it was all I could do to sit in that chair.  I started to cough and choke so drank some water I carry with me.  The pharmacist gave me a puke bag cause she could see I was getting sick.  I hurried at check out and hurried home.

Used my PEG to get some nourishment and took my morning Xanax that helps with the nausea.  I crushed it and put it in with the liquid formula.  By this time I was shaking pretty bad.  I knew I could make a quick trip to Walmart but this wound up taking over an hour and I am just too weak to last that long driving or walking or doing anything.  Never again.

Once I started to feel a little better I got on the phone and tried to reach Humana.  Just recordings.  Went online and wrote them a message asking for an explanation.  Should hear something on Monday.  The pharmacy said that if I can get this straightened out they would reimburse me.  I sure hope so.


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