Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Drove to treatment today.  Left the clinic and went to CVS pharmacy to pick up the script waiting for me.  It was the Cortisone cream that was ordered the day before on Monday, the day I saw the Oncologist.  He had not ordered it at an earlier time as he claimed.  And he had not given me a paper script earlier as he had claimed.  I showed the clerk the paper script he gave me yesterday and she said it was for the same thing.  So I don't really need this script.

Came home and my grass cutter was in my back yard.  I told him I was going to keep cutting the grass myself.  He asked why and I said because the grass was a foot tall.  He said I would just have to be patient and wait till he can get to it.  I said no that I would do it myself.  Thanked him and walked back inside.

I have 7 treatments left.  Can't wait for it to be over.  They weighed me today and I am back to 163.  How in the world did I gain a pound since yesterday?

My case of Glucerna 1.5 arrived today.  It has 356 calories per 8 ounces of liquid, and 19 grams of protein.  So I will be getting more calories and less liquid per feeding.  That should help with my stomach feeling too full during feedings. 

Today I ingested 805 calories, 80 grams of protein, and 20 ounces of water. 

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