Thursday, August 3, 2017


Only 10 more treatments to go.  Two more weeks and I'll be finished with this horrible process.  My throat is getting worse after every treatment... it is really burnt on the inside and the outside. 

The nights are getting worse.  Last night I woke almost every hour gagging and choking.  Took a few sips of water and inhaled the cool mist from the machine by my bed and went back to sleep.  I think these episodes are also a result of my snoring which irritates the throat even more.  

So glad tomorrow is Friday and I'll have 2 days off to rest.  Then begins week 6.

Went to the pharmacy this morning and was given a refund on my pain medication.  So now the total cost was only $44 and the approval is good till December 2017.

Today I ingested 27 ounces of protein drink, 21 ounces of water, 620 calories and 25 grams of protein.  Not a good day.

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