Friday, August 4, 2017


Only 9 left.  Hope I can make it to the 35th one.  Took pain meds 3 times today (only 1/3 of a dose at a time) and besides it helping with the throat pain I noticed it dries up the mucous in my throat.  Who knew?

I'm also trying something else I had not tried before.  The Magic Mouth Wash that I was given weeks ago - used for swishing then spitting or swallowing - is being used in a different manner now.  I can not bring myself to swallow the awful stuff but it does numb the pain in my mouth when used.  So now I dissolve a little in some warm water and gargle with it then spit.  It gives my throat some relief and that's what I want it to do. 

Today I ingested 680 calories, 24 ounces of water, and 99 grams of protein.  Still not enough.  I'm supposed to be getting 1879 calories, and 92 grams of protein.  I ordered from Amazon the particular protein drink my dietician suggested for diabetics.  A case was $89 with free shipping.  Couldn't find it in any stores here in town.  It should be here on August 10th. 

So glad it's the weekend and I can take a break from radiation.  Next week starts week 6.  So close yet so far away.

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